Good news with housing starts

The report out today about January housing starts in America jumping 9.6% to a 5-1/2 year high should be good news for the fluid power industry.  Lots of hydraulics are used on the machinery that builds America's homes.  Skid steers alone have significant hydraulic systems plus the machinery that cleans and levels land is powered by hydraulics.

We have been hearing the 2014 through 2017 should be good years for fluid power and this indicator is certainly a positive.  Add to that the continuing 50+ ISI Manufacturing Index and the signs are still positive for our industry.

This is a great time for the IFPE/ConExpo show taking place next week in Las Vegas.  It is the same kind of boost that having a country hold the Olympic games gives to that country.  The IFPE is a big boost to our industry.  If you have not already registered, go to for details.

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