So Much About Social Media

There is so much written and spoken about social media as it affects marketing plans of companies.  My suggestion to fluid power companies is that they should pay close attention to it.  I believe it is clear that social media is and will continue to play a role in the delivering of information about products and applications.

Social media shuold not replace traditional media like print magazines, websites, e-newsletters, and other forms of sending fluid power product messages to customers and prospects.  Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIN, Google+, and more will work with all of the existing means of promoting companies and products.

Using social media to connect with customers and promote your company in the marketplace are already very important and will continue to increase in their presence.  I strongly recommend that fluid power companies formulate and carry out a social media strategy.  We at Design World can help companies with their activity on social media.  Please contact me for more information.

Another aspect of this new media is the possible negative effects that bad publicity can have on companies.  Awareness of what is being written and shared is now important to fluid power companies because they will possibly need to react to negative posts.  This is all a part of a social media strategy that should continue to develop at companies using this new media to its fullest potential.

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