Growth Through Innovation

I have written before about the need for innovation in fluid power for the continued growth of the industry.  This is still very true and our National Fluid Power Association has addressed this on a regular basis.  While fluid power is a very mature industry, we cannot take for granted that business will continue to come our way, we must be innovative.

The Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power is one organization that has worked with the NFPA over the years to research and innovate.  The NFPA continues to look for ways to keep the process going for the good of our industry.

Innovation can also be tied into workforce development.  As emerging engineers find our industry more innovative, they should also find it more attractive.  Our NFPA has also made workforce development a priority.  Add to these two elements Inclusiveness and you have the three main initiatives of the NFPA, Technology, Workforce, and Inclusiveness.

If your company is involved with the manufacture or distribution of fluid power components and systems and you company is also not a member, consider joining.  Click here for their website.

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