More like an infomercial

Here is more great content from the 2014 IFPE Show held in Las Vegas back in March.  It is actually a video and here is a link

I thank our videographer, John Hansel, for all of his excellent video work from the IFPE Show this year.  This video is done with the help of Blake Moore of Bailey who not only does a great job of explaining his products, he actually reviews the basics and the benefits of the component groups.

This video really looks more like an informercial because it is so informative.  With engineering technical content, including fluid power, the advertisements are usually as informative as the editorial.  In this case that is true on video too.

Please go to our video page on Design World Online for lots of great videos on fluid power component systems.  You might also want to check out our newest website, Fluid Power World Online.

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