Reporting on Fluid Power

These are still very good times for the fluid power industry.  Even though 2014 got off to a weak start through the first half, expectations as much better for the second half.  That is the brief financial review for the industry.

Now, with regard to the technical report on fluid power, I invite you to subscribe to our newest publication, Fluid Power World.  For a rough estimate of what makes up this industry, it is about 50% mobile hydraulics, 25% pneumatics, and 25% industrial hydraulics.

The first issue of Fluid Power World will reflect the makeup of the industry with a feature article on Mobile Hydraulics in Mining.  For more information about mobile hydraulics, I invite you to visit our mobile hydraulics website titled Mobile Hydraulic Tips.

Pneumatic components, sub-systems, and systems make up about 25% of the overall fluid power market and our first issue of Fluid Power World will report on pneumatics in packaging applications. This is a significant market for pneumatic technology.  Again, for more information on pneumatics, please turn to PneumaticTips.

The rest of the industry falls under the category of industrial hydraulics which includes in-plant applications such as machine tools and automation.  It also includes outdoor applications that are stationary such as bridges.

We tie all of this together with our magazine, Fluid Power World and our newest website Fluid Power World.  Please check out these sites for the latest in fluid power technology and consider subscribing to our magazine too.  We offer tutorials and application stories.  If your company makes fluid power components, send them to us for inclusion on our network.  Please contact me for details at

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