I always learn a lot from NFPA Webcasts

Without giving away too much information, I learn a lot from the NFPA quarterly economic webcasts.  Not always able to view them live, the archived version works for me and I just took in the October webcast today.

My key takeaway is a macro one, to use an economics term.  That is that these webcasts really inform us in the industry about how things are going economically and what to expect in the coming months, quarters, and years.  So, if your company is a member of NFPA, the National Fluid Power Association, then you really should consider viewing these webcasts in addition to attending the August Industry and Economic Outlook Conference.

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Since the information conveyed during these events is really intended for the members of NFPA, I will only highlight some of the key lessons from the October webcast.  In a nutshell, the fluid power industry has experienced some challenges over the past few years with some negative growth.  The good news is that things will be turning around and 2017 should be a solid year for our industry.

For more information, check out the NFPA!

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