No Matter What

This has been a very long and very difficult presidential election.  Who could argue with that?

I my profession, fluid power marketing and advertising professional, I choose to stay focused on our industry, fluid power.  No matter what happens in the election, crops need to be planted and harvested, roads and buildings need to be built and maintained,  automation machinery will continue to manufacture the things our society needs.  Garbage will continue to be collected.  Medical equipment advances will continue to benefit humankind.  Entertainment will continue.

My point is that business will go on as scheduled.  No matter who wins the White House, no matter who wins the Senate, no matter who wins the Congress, fluid power will go on and on, because we need it.

So, go out and vote, support this great country, The United States of America!  I contend that 2017 will be a very good year for fluid power and last week's economic webcast seems to back up that contention!  Good days are ahead!

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