We Will Cover Mobile in 2015

All segments of fluid power are very important to industry, including pneumatics, mobile hydraulics, and industrial hydraulics.  You might even consider hose, fittings, and assemblies another major segment.  We at Fluid Power World will cover all of these industry segments with our feature articles, application stories, and product reviews in 2015.

Our mobile hydraulics industry coverage will feature Mining Applications in February, Agricultural Applications in April, Construction Applications in October, and Agricultural again in December.  Of course, mobile markets are big users of hydraulic components.

It is our plan to provide our audience with the most useful content available about the components and systems that move heavy loads on the construction sites, on the farms, in the mines, and everywhere that brute force with precise control and reliability is needed.

So, if your company sells mobile hydraulic components, we can help you to increase your brand awareness and generate sales leads with our print editions, digital editions, websites, e-newsletter, and custom media.

Just contact me at mference@wtwhmedia.com and I will help you to reach this huge market and grow your business in 2015.

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