Can you do it again and again?

It is one thing to have success at something once, twice, or even over a short period of time. It is all together something else to experience success at something over a long period of time. It takes repeated work and constant determination, patience, and persistency.

It is also important to know what and when to change your process or product to succeed. These are generalities but I am also speaking of specifics for being able to repeat a successful process. Specifically, if you are selling shoes, for example. Perhaps your store asks you to be polite, helpful, and follow a specific process for EVERY customer.

So, day after day, night after night, you as the salesperson must follow all of the steps. Further, for your store to be successful, every salesperson must follow every step. Every manager must enforce every step every day. This takes a lot of effort. But, if your process is successful, not only do you need to repeat it, you need to monitor the process and know when and what to change. Can you do it again and again and again?

One of the many benefits of business-to-business media is that we offer our advertisers the opportunity to reach out to new customers and prospects day after day.  For fluid power advertisers, a regular program of sending your message out to prospective buyers though our monthly magazine, Fluid Power World; our websites Fluid Power World, Pneumatic Tips, Mobile Hydraulic Tips, and Hose Assembly Tips; and our e-newsletters will continue to increase their brand awareness.

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