Taking care of details and repetition

Productive paranoia is what Jim Collins and Morten T. Hansen refer to in their book Great By Choice referring to being very vigilant in taking care of all the details in business. Making all the preparations and having redundant plans for success make sense when managaing your business.

Maintaining your process with careful attention and being prepaed for any and all problems allow a business to survive and perhaps thrive in difficult times. It is safe to say that all businesses can expect difficult times to come their way. Being "extra" prepared allows them to manage these challenges.

As for repetition, it also makes sense for a business to figure out what works and being able to replicate it again and again over a long period of time. When a process works, there is less need for change. This is also very true in the field of sales. Repeated service, needs analysis, gathering and using important intelligence all help a sales rep to serve customers.

This principle holds true for marketing too.  At Fluid Power World we offer our advertisers detailed coverage of the fluid power market and repetitive opportunities to send their sales message to a qualified audience.  Please contact me for details.

Click here for our latest edition, October 2015.  There will be lots of great content!

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