It all begins with selling ... including fluid power

I have been involved with business for over three decades and directly in sales for most of the time. I have visited many companies and have reviewed their businesses and have studied books on selling. One observation that I can easily make is in line with the old saying that "nothing happens until somebody sells something."

For fluid power manufacturers, this is true whether it is direct to OEM sales of distribution.  New machinery and aftermarket are all important sales channels.

There are many essential parts to a business. Accounting and Finance are necessary for the function of a business. But, without sales, there will be nothing to account for. Designing and producing products that are innovative, useful, and available is what makes a business what it is. However, no matter how good your product is or how fast it is made, without sales they are useless.

Human Resources, Payroll, Maintenance, and Management are all important. Without sales, there will be no business to manage, no reason to maintain machinery, and no resources to maintain a workforce. Our jobs depend upon sales. Let's give our due respect to salespeople. Selling is one of the oldest and noblest professions.

In 2016, let Fluid Power World magazine and digital network help your company to sell more!

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