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The next issue of Fluid Power World will be published in December with an advertising closing date of November 16th.  Here is the editorial lineup of feature articles:

Mobile Hydraulics in Agricultural Applications
Farmers are tasked with feeding the world basically. Agricultural machinery manufacturers are tasked with giving farmers the very best technology available to produce a maximum yield in terms of acreage, time, and overall investment. That is where fluid power enters the picture and we will continue the conversation on how.
Pneumatics in Packaging Applications
Sometimes the packaging can be as important as the product to consumers and marketers. Pneumatic components and systems are very important contributors to making the most productive packaging machinery possible. This feature will review some examples of pneumatics in packaging.
Efficiency in Industrial Hydraulics
One of the key objectives of any business is to make money. Efficiency in the manufacturing process is
a major contributor to the bottom line. With regular advances in componentry and controls, industrial hydraulics delivers e
fficiency and this article will take a closer look.
Focus on Hydraulic Filters
Keeping hydraulic fluid clean is important to the operation of the system as well as the longevity of the components. There are many detailed aspects of fluid cleanliness and this article will review some of the advances made in the area of hydraulic filtration. 

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