We still have some 2015 left

While many companies are currently planning their 2016 marketing programs now, keep in mind that we still have most of the fourth quarter of 2015 left yet.  With that being said, I invite all advertisers to consider joining us in our December issue of Fluid Power World.  We will cover several important fluid power topics.

As we move into 2016, it is important for companies to maintain their progress this year.  While it has been a disappointing year, the downturn is only temporary.  2016 and 2017 should be better.

But, let's not get ahead of ourselves, we still have a 2015 to work on and and our December issue will help with that.  We also offer many digital opportunities to reach your prospective customers with your sales message.

Content marketing works all year long and Q4 would be a good opportunity to give it a try.  Do you have a white paper that we can promote?  How about a lengthy tutorial on your area of expertise that we can turn into a TechTip e-book.  Both are lead generation programs.

Webinars work anytime also.  Would your company like to sponsor a topic that we can present?  Or, would someone at your company be prepared to deliver a single sponsor webinar?  Either way, your company generates valuable sales leads to close out 2015 strong.

We still have some 2015 left.

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