Our Tenth Anniversary!!!

My how time flies!  It seems like just a few years ago that we started Fluid Power World magazine and digital media network ... well that is actually true, we did start it in 2014.  But, our parent company, WTWH Media LLC did start 10 years ago in 2006.

Therefore, all of the magazines at our company are joining the party with Design World, our very first publication to celebrate our tenth anniversary!

I will be getting more details out about this event but two very important issues will be forthcoming.  The October issue of Design World and the November issue of Fluid Power World will be our anniversary issues.  Thus, we will be announcing special advertising offers as well as editorial opportunities.  Not only will we be looking back over the past 10 years to see how far technology has come, but we will be asking about the next 10 years with such questions as:

1.  What technologies will change manufacturing for the better in the next 10 years?

2.  What do you think will be the next big thing in manufacturing?

3.  What has surprised you most about your business over the 10 years?

Give it some thought, we may be asking you.

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