What is the state of green?

Where are we with green technology in fluid power?  If you would like to learn more about that subject, I refer you to our 2016 Fluid Power Handbook.  Starting on page 6 you will find an article titled Fluid Power Fights Back. by our Associate Editor, Mike Santora.

In this article, Mike draws on the expertise of some industry professionals for their insight on the subject.  I think that you will be surprised on how far our industry has come in the area of clean and efficient operation of machinery both in the plant and in the field.

This issue is our annual Fluid Power Handbook containing many pages of tutorial type content on all types of fluid power components.  This is a keeper for engineers and other technical people looking to learn more about components or just brush up on the technology.  If you are a subscriber, this issue has already arrived in your mailbox.  

If you are not a subscriber but would like to be, just visit our website and sign up today.  Let me know if you would like me to send you a copy of our 2016 Fluid Power Handbook.

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