The Value of Print Media

I have been involved in the Business-to-Business media, also know as B2B, for a long time.  I started in print media only and then moved to print and digital, and then to print, digital, and custom, and then to who knows where.

My point is that media consumption in the B2B world continues to evolve.  The way that engineers, in my case, consume media continues to change and that is why Fluid Power World offers our audience media content in many forms.  Our digital network now includes six websites and e-newsletters that report in one way or another on fluid power technology.

We offer custom media in the form of webinars and e-based content, and now an in-person event called the Fluid Power Technology Conference.  All of this still leaves open the question of "What is the value of print media in today's business world?"  I cannot completely and accurately answer that question because the value has always been very hard to measure.

I direct your attention to this article that I found on the Beasley website titled Why Print Advertising Still Works (in a Digital Age).  The author gives some compelling reasons why print advertising still works very effectively.  I recommend print advertising to all of my clients because I believe that it works also.

There are some ways to track the effectiveness of print advertising and I found this interesting article on the Small Business Trends website titled "Yes, You Can Track Print Advertising Using Google Analytics" and I invite you to read it for more information.  A big part of justifying print advertising is looking at the audience and deciding if the members are the right one for the advertisers message.  If they are, then "a number" of them will see the advertisers' message.

For as long as print advertising has existed, this has been the rule and it still holds true today.  With the addition of digital media to an advertising plan, the advertiser now has many more tools to reach the target audience.  Additionally, digital media gives more opportunity for feedback through impressions and clicks.

The short answer in my opinion is"Yes, print media still offers lots of value to advertisers."

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