Engineers Like Content

The magazines and digital networks that I represent, Fluid Power World and Design World are read and used by engineers and other technical people who are actively seeing new information.  I think that it is safe to say that technical professionals like engineers and technicians like to receive information that will help them to design and operate machinery in the best way possible.

They turn to us for content.  That is why your ads in our magazines, e-newsletters, and on our websites are seen by readers who are seeking useful content.  They come to us for content and we deliver them your product information and value propositions.  We have standard ways to reach your best prospects.

Let's take that a step further.  How about a white paper or an e-book.  If you have a white paper,

let us put it on our websites, gate it, and gather leads for your company.  It is really simple because you already have the content and we can help you to get it into the hands of your prospective customers, anywhere in the world.

If you do not have a white paper, let us write or assemble a Tech Tip e-book for you

post it on our websites, gate it, and let it generate leads for your company.  Either way, we can draw attention to your content through the use of single source e-mail messages or e-newsletters.  It is a very effective way to generate interest in your products and company.

Let me know if we can work together on this by contacting me at

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