Would you like to GoTo Meeting?

There are many things that I love about working at WTWH Media LLC.  First, we have a fantastic management team!  I really mean that!  Scott, Mike, and Marshall are awesome!!  Second, we have a very professional team.  They are very creative and energetic.

So, when one of my clients asked me this week if we could do a GoTo Meeting, I said yes without knowing how.  The reason that I said yes is this, we have a very cooperative and creative team and I know that I would easily learn how to set up and use GoTo Meeting with their help

With our team's help, I quickly learned how and successfully held my first GoTo Meeting.  It was great!  Thank you Tom Lazar, Miike Emich, and Marshall Matheson for your idea and help!  One of the reasons that GoTo is so helpful is that we have do many media resources here at WTWH Media LLC.  I would love to tell you more.

Now, if you would like to have my input on your 2015 advertising program, let's GoTo Meeting.

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