Hose & Fittings @HoseAssemblyTips

As you know, hose, fittings, and connectors are important components on many fluid power systems. The safe and efficient conveyance of hydraulic fluid or air is critical to the success of machinery and equipment that make industry work.

These products are important enough to us at Fluid PowerWorld that we have a whole website devoted to the technology and it is titled Hose Assembly Tips.  I invite you to visit to learn more about the products available to make your connections the best they can be.

We are also in the process of launching a monthly e-newsletter by the same name.  It will feature photos and descriptions of hydraulic hose, pneumatic tubing, all types of fittings and hose assemblies as well as quick-acting couplings.

If your company makes these products, I ask you to send us your press releases for inclusion on the website and in the e-newsletter.  Please send to my attention at mference@wtwhmedia.com

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