Always Align

The A in SNAP Selling by best-selling author, Jill Konrath, stands for align.  She advises sales people to always align business objectives with core beliefs.  Its about making people want to work with you.

It helps to represent a company that falls in line with your own personal core beliefs.  Selling what you believe in gives you an advantage.  Being able to align your goals with the goals of your customer is a formula for success.

It doesn't take long for a buyer to realize that you are only in it for the quick sell and not really concerned about their long term business strategy and success.  Therefore aligning with your customer's needs is a key to excellent sales strategy.

In the fluid power supply chain, having direct sales representative and distributor sales people representing your products is a great way for fluid power component manufacturers to align with customer needs and strategies.  Having a sales force that understands the customer is not only an advantage but a necessity.

Aligning with custom objectives takes a lot of effort.  Knowing what is going on in the industry is a start and that is where we help fluid power professionals.  Our magazine and websites Fluid Power World, Pneumatic Tips, Mobile Hydraulic Tips, and Hose Assembly Tips offer our audience a steady flow of great fluid power content and information.  We also produce monthly e-newsletters on each of these topics.

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