SNAP Selling

You may have heard the term KISS when it refers to sales.  It stands for Keep It Simple Salesman and I first heard it on an audio program from the late Zig Ziglar.  That is good advice for sales professionals and it still applies as much today as ever.

I just started listening to another audio program by Jill Konrath titled SNAP selling and, what do you know, the S in SNAP stands for Simple.  Jill advises sales professionals to keep it Simple.  Today's buyers are so busy and it makes sense to make your sale message easy to understand.

I like what I have heard so far and will be posting more about this audio book.  If your company sells fluid power components, keep your message to your end users, OEMs, and distributors simple.

Make it easy for them to buy from your company.  One way to make your message clear and easy to understand is by sending us your product information so that we can post it on our websites including Mobile Hydraulic Tips and Fluid Power World.  We will help you to keep your message simple.

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