There is a lot to know about B2B media

Page views, clicks, CTR ... I have written about it all before.  It is all good because now there are many ways to get your sales message out to the audience you want to reach.  There are also many ways to measure the effectiveness of your ads.

While analytics tell the science of the subject, they don't really tell the art of it.  If you are an advertiser and you are trying to reach a target audience with your sales message, I believe it is most important that your message reach that audience.

A very targeted magazine, such as Fluid Power World, reaches an audience of fluid power buyers and specifiers, a key audience for any marketing of components.  The content is 100% fluid power, again a key indicator for success for your advertising message.   I still believe that your ads are best seen in a targeted magazine.

On the digital side, we have may more measurement tools at our reach for measuring the "effectiveness" of your ads.  We can tell you how many saw the ad, we can tell you how many clicked on the ad, what the averages are for views and clicks, and what the "bounce rate" is.

That is the science of this business.  The art of this business happens when a reader - either on paper or on the screen - sees an idea, presented by a marketer, and contacts that marketer to find out if they can do business.  And they do.

How do your measure that?  It is not easy but it happens.  Let's make it happen big time in 2015!

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