sNap Part 2

Be iNvaluable is what author Jill Konrath advises in her book Snap Selling.  Since modern buyers are overwhelmed on the job, a salesperson needs to be a unique resource to their clients.

Wow, I love that one.  Knowing all about your customers and being an expert on their core business is essential for success today.  It takes time and study to be an expert on any subject and one of the keys to making that impression is that it must be genuine.  You cannot fool your customers for very long, if at all, so don't even try to.

Today, Fluid Power World is an expert source of fluid power information to the marketplace.  We have relevant content delivered to an audience of engineering decision makers.  Our websites and e-newsletters take the message even further.

I would like to work with your company for success in sales, increased market share, and strategic brand awareness in 2015.  Whether I am an expert or not, I can offer you expert assistance in reaching your goals.  Please call me at 408-769-1188.

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