A time to reflect ...

We are at the week in between Christmas Day and New Year's Day.  I always thought it was very interesting how two major holidays are back to back like this.  It stretches the holiday season too.

For business, this week offers a good time to reflect on the state of our business and the state of our individual careers.  As the business world slows down for the extended holiday, we have fewer daily details to attend to such as phones and e-mails.  We have a lesser degree of urgency about most everything involving our day to day business world.

Looking back, what have we done right as an employee or employer this past year?  Where can we improve for the coming year?  We have a chance to review the areas of our personal efforts in the past year and discover ways to do things better in the new year.

For many, this is a time to get caught up on reading they may have put off in the busy fall season.  It is also a time for resolutions that can improve our personal and business lives.  I encourage everyone to use this week to make next year better.

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