I know things are changing ... but ...

Ok, so I have mostly stopped wearing ties.  Phew, I am one of the last media professionals to still be wearing one earlier this year.  One day, while waiting for a plane at O'Hare, I looked around to discover that I was one out of about three people in five thousand still wearing a tie.  The next day I stopped and it is much more comfortable.

With that said, there are still some very appropriate guidelines that I would like to share for dress codes.  I think that two important key phrases are common sense and best expression of yourself.

One of my favorite advisers is Schawna Shuh. She is a professional speaker and author who gives motivational advice. One of her segments is about dressing to make connections in business and she refers to it as the three C's.

First is color and we should all use color in our wardrobes when we are tring to make a positive impression. After all, our outfit and our appearance is for the benefit of others who see us. Therefore, using cheerful colors is a positive for others.

The second C is comfortable. Your clothing should be comfortable for the situation. Your selection of your outfit should be appropriate for your current engagement whatever that might be. Nobody should be made to feel uncomfortable because of what you are wearing.

And the final C is for cover up. In a business or formal situation, it is always best to do so. This is fairly self explanatory. All of this advice is designed to help individuals to connect better with others in both business and professional situations.

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