Don't Discount the Value of Brand Awareness

I have been in the business-to-business media field for a long time.  Early on, print advertising was the accepted way that manufacturers and sellers of fluid power components made customers and prospects aware of their products.

Well, print media is still a great way to establish and build brand awareness.  Consider a start-up company.  Perhaps they have a good product.  Hardly anyone knows about it because it is brand new. You might make the case that sales people can get the word out by traveling around the country and selling the product.

However, there is no better way to get information out to a large number of customers and prospects than mass media.  Print ads and banner ads on websites are a very efficient way to do that.  For pennies per impression, a company's new products are displayed to a qualified audience.  The start-up company now has the credibility of being seen in nation in national media.

Now we have Social Media and SEO.  Can that same start-up company establish and grow brand awareness simply through these means?  I really don't think so.  Is Social Media helpful in growing a company's awareness?  Absolutely.  You need both.  To grow brand awareness, a fluid power company needs to be seen in national media and needs the interaction and connection offered by Social Media.

If you market fluid power components, I would like to consult with you on how to make all of the media options work optimally for your company.  Contact me at

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