Communicate and find out what they want

In business or even in your private life, communication is, of course, essential.  In her recent book, Relevant Selling, author Jaynie L. Smith makes this point again and again.  She is mostly referring to business and sales but here theory works in everyday life too.

Her point, as I understand it, is that you must know what your customers value about your company and products or services before you can promote those values.  In other words, a business owner or manager must understand what attributes or advantages or unique skills about your company attracts customers and keeps them.  The only way to find out is to ask.

We in business can go on and on day after day telling our customers that we have the highest quality products or the fastest delivery when what they really value the most is friendly service.  We must ask by doing reserarch and by asking our customers what it is that they like.

In everyday life, the same holds true.  It is OK to ask your friends or family what it is about you that they value the most.  What do you do for them that they hold in highest regard?  Is it your understanding or kindness?  Is it your stability and firmness on decision making?  Ask and you will know.

Every company and every person has strengths but we may not clearly know what they are.  If you find out, you can keep doing more of it.  If you are a business, you can advertise it.

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