May I share the Platinum Rule ...

Most people know the Golden Rule.  It is a great guideline in doing the right thing.  Treat others as you would have others treat you.  This is a rule that implies respect, patience, kindness, consideration, and more.  I am all for it.

As I have stated many times before, listening to helpful information while driving is a very educational process.  You can get CDs from the library or bookstore.  Now, I figured out how to load books onto my iPhone for listening in the car.  I try to do it often to improve my career.

In my listening-in-the-car education, I picked up a CD by Dr. Tony Allesandro, who gave a presentation in my very own Cleveland a few years back at a self-improvement series titled Peak Performers.  The title of his presentation is The Platinum Rule and I invite you to access Dr. Tony Allesandro's website for more information.  The basis of the Platinum Rule is to Treat others as they want to be treated.

The advice in the particular setting where he presented it was mainly focused on increasing your sales skills.  I feel that his Platinum Rule applies to relationships as well.  If you kow and understand that all people are different, you also know that they respond differently to your approach to them.

Knowing this, why not treat people the way that they want to be treated?  If you know what pleases another person, why not deliver it when it is possible, makes sense, and is the right thing to do?

Check out Dr. Allesandro's material for more information.

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