The Magic Story

I have written about this story in the past but I feel that it is important enough to mention again.  Reading the Magic Story could provide your career and life a great boost.  I am not guaranteeing that but it is a pretty amazing story.

It is basically a self-help story that should be applicable to most people if not everyone.  I actually stumbled upon it because it was included in another audio program that I purchased.  Give it a try and link to this story and you will see what I mean.

Essentially, there are two possible versions of every person, positive and negative.  We can slip into the negative and not even realize it. We may always live in the positive version of ourself and never experience the negative.

At any rate, if you strive for the positive, you should find it and achieve it and the negative will fade away.  I believe that I have found the positive in a very big way recently.  It feels great and I just wanted to share this story with you.

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