Sunday, March 23, 2014

Using your website as a sales tool

I often hear from my clients that they are either not happy with their website or are in the process of updating it.  A company's website is a key sales tool whether they admit it or not.

Search engines have forever changed industrial marketing.  Often, a prospective customer for an industrial company's products has his or her first contact with that company through their website.  While many companies have done a great job of making their site graphically appealing, some have fallen short in the area of inclusiveness.

Here are some very good website tips from Core Element that I found on Twitter.  This article uses some common sense to advise companies to regularly update their website with the kind of information that their prospective customers want and need.

I have found that the Contact Us or About Us functions of industrial company websites vary greatly and often omits important contact information.  I can't help to think that while companies are attempting to block unwanted e-mail solicitations, they may also be shutting out potential business.

It is much more inviting to click on a Contact Us page and find

          For sales, contact Joe Smith at  - and then give his phone number and e-mail
          For service contact Mary Jones -  same

While this may invite unwanted contacts, it also invites prospects to make the contact.  It is a fine line that companies straddle to privacy versus ease of contact.  What does your company do?