Webinars, they work

What exactly is a webinar.  Well let me refer to Joe Pulizzi author of Epic Content Marketing who, in his book chapter 19 on Content Types spells out:

Take your presentation and put it online, that is the essence of the webinar or webcast.  Visually the content is delivered slide by slide in the online equivalent of a live presentation.

Thanks again Joe, I really like the book and recommend it to all marketers!

At Design World, we offer webinars to our fluid power customers.  We deliver information and resources that enable an engineer to design products faster, easier, and under budget.  At the core of the Design World media platform is to deliver information to the user on their terms in print, online, social media, and on-demand.

The Design World webinar series enables the OEM supplier community to work with Design World editors on preparing and delivering both editorial and custom content.

We have a fluid power webinar planned for October.  Would your company be interested in sponsoring?  Please let me know at mference@wtwhmedia.com

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