Valves, Transducers, Hydraulic Filters, Seals, and Cylinders

There is so much to see at the 2014 IFPE Show being held this week at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  The show is held concurrently with the ConExpo/ConAgg Show.  This combination features the largest display of construction equipment available anywhere in North America.

All of the products listed in the title plus many more will be displayed at the IFPE Show. These are the basic components that make construction machinery work.  For a list of companies displaying these products, click on this link.

The IFPE Show began in 1984 in Chicago as the International Fluid Power Exposition and was held every four years.  It has evolved over time to a triennial show held in Las Vegas and the actual name of the show how is the International Exposition for Power Transmission.  The intention of the name change was to incorporate electrical and mechanical components into the show.

This year, there is not an actual printed show guide.  You remember those books that were available in the lobbies of all major trade show?  Well, it looks like mobile apps have taken over the job of the printed guides.

There are advantages and disadvantages of this arrangement.  On one hand, the printed material is always there if you have the guide.  On the other hand, the app is there on your phone that you have with you anyway.  You can get the app at

At any rate, we are offering a complete list of exhibitors and you can access that in our February issue.  You can also visit this site for the list.

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