Good Reading

As a career publishing person, I also love to read.  My reading list has been slanted toward business books for many years and I just finished two books on content and blogging.  However, I still have a favorite business book from the recent past.

Ever since I read Good to Great by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras several years ago, I have commented that it is the best business book that I have every read, and I mean it. In this book, there are many key strategic business concepts explained.

I specifically remember Getting the Right People on the Bus, The Stockdale Paradox, Level 5 Leadership, and The Hedgehog Theory. I have thought about and tried to apply these concepts ever since reading (and listening to) the book.  I also read Great by Choice which continued the story about what makes companies great.

Early in the book, three new concepts (new to me at least) are introduced and they are Productive Paranoia, Empirical Creativity, and Fanatic Discipline. In this book, similar to Good to Great, there are comparisons between very successful companies referred to as 10Xers and their comparison companies.

Reading and listening to books and podcasts about your area of business specialty is a great way to stay current.  If you have any suggestions on books, I would love to hear about them.

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