Staying Current

I think that it is reasonable to say that younger people (generally 35 and under) grasp things more quickly than older people (your guess). While that may be true, it is also true that there is no substitute for wisdom.

While younger people are quick to grasp technology i.e. cell phones, computer technology, fashion, and even lingo; this does not equal wisdom. Likewise, just because a person (over let's say 50) does not easily adapt to technology like video games, computer technology, and lingo; that does not mean thay they are irrelevant.

We cannot and should not establish relevance of a person by their modernization. For example, if a person does not adapt to Social Media or current entertainment, it does not mean that they are "out of it." Rather, we should look at their level of wisdom. How have they taken what thy have lived and learned and applied it to their daily lives and shared it with others.

I think that history shows that over time, most people adapt to current technology and living environment. I do not think that history shows that wisdom is a given.

With regard to fluid power and media coverage of the technology, Fluid Power World serves information in a variety of platforms.  This is not to say that a certain age group prefers print vs. digital, rather it is intended to surround the audience with information on their terms.  We help to build fluid power wisdom in the marketplace.  Our audience members are all relevant.

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