Use print to show your product and digital to tell your story

If you have read my posts in the past or talked to me personally about advertising as it relates to the fluid power industry, you know that I advocate for integrated advertising packages for all of my clients.  That simply means using print and digital advertising as well as content marketing to most effectively reach your customers and prospects.

Print and web advertising still do a great job of showing your products to the audience while telling them who you are.  Here is where you increase your brand awareness by repeatedly putting your sales message in front of a qualified audience.

Content marketing has enabled companies to get the attention of customers and prospects by telling their stories.  How do these products work, why would the customer select this products, what kind of performance is required for success?  All of these are questions that buyers and specifiers need answered.

Fluid Power World offers an excellent blend of print, digital and content marketing to all manufactures and marketers of fluid power components.  Let me help you with an integrated marketing package for 2016 to increase brand awareness and increase sales.

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