How Do I Know Print Advertising Works?

I have been asked this question for well over three decades.  How do I answer it?

The answer remains the same with even more authority than ever because of digital media.  If you put your print advertisement in the magazine with the right audience for your products, over time, with the right message, it works.

How do I define "it works" you may ask.  Well advertising will increase your company's brand awareness making it more likely that your customers will at least consider  your brand when they make a future product selection in your category.  It will also generate sales leads, not only the ones we deliver but the phone calls and e-mail inquiries to you and your distributor partners.

Answer these questions:  Do you like to read?  Do you learn from reading?  Are you selective in what you read?  Your answers to all three questions is probably yes!  People still read and they learn from interesting and informative material, including magazines.

That is why we are expanding our print offering for Fluid Power World in 2016.  We are adding two more issues.  We will publish 8 issues of FPW plus a combined issue in January with Design World called Leadership in Engineering.

Every issue will be 100% devoted to fluid power technology and sent to an audience of OEM Design Engineers and supply chain professionals.  If your company sells fluid power components, we have the right audience for you.

I stated earlier that digital has helped make print even more attractive.  How?  Well, we send our issues of Fluid Power World through digital delivery to 100,000 recipients.  So, even if you really did not believe in print (and you really should), then just consider that every print ad is also a digital ad.

For fluid power companies, Fluid Power World is the place to be in 2016.  Contact me for advertising  information and for my consultation

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