Sharing Information - Use it to Your Advantage

Many people are cautious or even inactive all together when it comes to social media.  One of the apprehensions is that people really don't want their information out there on the internet for just anyone to see.

That is a reasonable caution since all of  your pictures that you post become rather public in a way.  Your thoughts and ideas are read and interpreted by others.  I am somewhat active on SM but, I must admit, I only post what I assume everyone and anyone will see.

Now think about using that concept to your company's advantage.  If you are posting information about your products and services to attract new customers, then the more people who see it the better.  Everyone could be a prospect.

So, for those people who you don't want to see your personal information, they can feel free to buy a cylinder or pump.  Rather than worry about who sees your posts and information on social media, use it to your advantage.

What I really mean is that you can use the power and draw of social media to your advantage if what you are diseminating is public knowledge about your produce and services.  You still have to be careful but when you are actually seeking a larger audience with public information, it is a different story.

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