Traditional Media

In the fluid power world, traditional media works very well.  It creates brand awareness and educates buyers and specifiers.  That is why we launched Fluid Power World last year.  Our magazine has grown from two issues in 2014 to six issues this year to eight issues planned for 2016.

Print is truly traditional media in the industrial B-to-B marketing space and we at FPW are becoming leaders in this space.  We have a great editorial team led by Paul Heney and Mary Gannon who oversee and produce great fluid power content in our print issues.  They have lots of help from our internal assistant editors Michelle DiFrangia and Michael Santora.  We have awesome contributors like Josh Cosford and Ron Marshall.

Website advertising in the form of banners is now traditional media in my estimation.  Web banners have been around for almost 20 years in the fluid power space, thus making it traditional.  In my opinion, it still works to increase brand awareness for our advertisers.  We provide content that your audience finds interesting and surround that content with our advertisers' messages ...  traditional.

The same can be said for e-newsletters as they have been around for many years and have functioned well to carry editorial content surrounded by sales messages to interested, opt-in audience members.  Yes, the content is repurposed for print, web, and e-news and some is unique to the format.  These are still all traditional media and they all work very well.

As I have written about in this space before, all of the media world is in a transitionary phase and we at Fluid Power World are participating in that as well.  We offer custom media packages for disseminating content from our advertisers to our audience and have carried them out very well.

Please contact me anytime for plans to use our traditional and newly designed media options to work for your company

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